Social media has changed the way your businesses can reach out to people who require your services.

Facebook has become the place for businesses to connect with customers on a level that hasn’t been available with traditional media. Even without using money from a marketing budget, your business can talk to customers, and you can start telling them what you do and the benefits you provide.

The first step, whether you have a local shop, a regional service company or a national organization, is to register a Page on Facebook. Facebook allows you to name the Page, so you can immediately begin to increase your brand awareness.

Try to register a Page name as close to your business name as possible. As well as keeping your social media presence aligned with your business, it will also help you to return more results in search engines when people are looking for what you provide.

You can then start concentrating on completing the information about your company – opening hours, location, phone number and website. Filling in the About section will also let visitors to your Page know what you do.

Once you have set up your Page, you can then start creating posts to generate more interest in your company.

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